Introduction and environment setup

What is Django?

Django is free, open source framework for Python for building web applications.

Most popular Python frameworks by order of popularity:





Advantages of Django

Less development time because of fewer lines of code.

Offers a lot of features.

Gives the admin side.

Provides object relational mapping for database efficiency and platform independency

Provides inbuilt caching package

Provides inbuilt Authentication package

Django compromises with performance to provide more features.

Django is mature, stable, easy and has a large development community.

In Django, we just need to be aware of the features that we need for our application. We don’t need to take care to know all the features of Django.


Django is often used to serve data to the front end rather than the entire HTML page.

Setting up development environment

Check Python installation: pyhton –version

Install pipenv: pip3 install pipenv

What is pipenv? pipenv is a dependency management tool for installing application dependencies in virtual environment.