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Introduction and environment setup

What is Django? Django is free, open source framework for Python for building web applications. Most popular Python frameworks by order of popularity: Django Flask Tornado Bottle Advantages of Django Less development time because of fewer lines of code. Offers a lot of features. Gives the admin side. Provides object relational mapping for database efficiency … Read more

How to Become a Developer

What to expect? Expect a lot of learning when you want to enter into the path of development. While development you will not just learn the code but also the tools/software associated with the technology that you are learning. Development is not difficult. If there is anything you need but you don’t know, most probably … Read more

Need To Know

Need To Know About Social Media Marketing? Now You Can! Social media advertising is using social media systems to connect to your target market to construct your logo, boom sales, and get or generate internet traffic on your website. This entails publishing first-rate content material for your social media profiles, listening to and engaging your … Read more